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A digital business card is a modern and safe way to share vital information about an individual or a business.

Promaxcard Features

A Digital business card is a physical or digital business card that uses technology to enhance its functionality and make it more interactive

  • Lead Generation
  • Tap to Open Link
  • Scan With Your Phone
  • Create Own Profile
  • Active Your Product
  • Start Networking

About Promaxcard

Your digital business card is your ticket to a new business contact. The person scans your virtual card via smartphone in the form of a QR code and can immediately save your contact.

It's Time to Go Digital

  • Gives A Visual Aid To Remember Your Business
  • Share Contact Information Quickly and Easily
  • Expand Your Connections
  • Have All Your Details in One Place
  • Gives A Great First Impression
  • It's Cost-Effective

Our Products

A testimonial is from a past customer that describes how a Promaxcard helped them.

  • Rs.4000₹3499/-

    Black Mate

  • Rs.4000₹3499/-

    Blue Mate

  • Rs.3500₹2999/-

    Customized Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to questions you may have. find what are you looking for.

Acquire your Promax cards conveniently through our online platform. Simply choose your desired card from our wide range of products, complete the form with your product details, and we'll handle the delivery process for you.
The Promax card simplifies meetings with one tap, instantly sharing your business details without exchanging numbers, leaving a remarkable impression, and proving highly beneficial for your business growth.
The Promax card embodies professionalism with its durable, coated hard material, delivering a distinguished and impressive look that elevates your business presence.
The Promax card works through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology embedded within it. When tapped or placed near a compatible device, it instantly transmits stored business details, making networking and information exchange effortless.
Promax cards might face compatibility issues with non-NFC devices, potentially compromising their functionality. Privacy concerns may arise due to easy data sharing, and their cost could be higher than traditional cards with limited customization options.

Why Promaxcard?

Promaxcard cards offer a modern, safe way to share professional or personal information. Like traditional business cards, they include contact information.

The major advantages of digital technology over traditional media are automation, communication speed, better social interaction, security of data and quick access to information.

  • lead generation
  • Tap Counts
  • QR Counts
  • Save Contact Counts

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