Mr. Karshan Zala Director & Concept Designer

The Man Behind Promaxcard

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Mission and Vision

  • At PromaxCard, our mission is to revolutionize networking through our innovative use of technology. We're dedicated to simplifying and enhancing professional interactions by deploying cutting-edge NFC technology in our cards. Our aim is to empower individuals and businesses to effortlessly exchange information, fostering growth and success in the digital age. We envision a future where connections are made leaving lasting impressions and business growth.

  • At PromaxCard, Our vision is to redefine connectivity in the modern world. We strive to be the forefront innovators in networking solutions, empowering individuals and businesses with seamless, tech-driven tools for effortless information exchange. We envision a future where every interaction becomes an opportunity, where our Promax cards serve as catalysts for meaningful connections, fostering growth, and propelling success in a digitally connected global landscape.